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We connect startups wishing to attract investment with investors wishing to invest.

Qualification requirements and precautions
Registration of investment institutions (for investment institutions)
1Join membership
2Select a registered investment institution
Complete the application
(IR material required registration)
4Obtain approval from the manager
5Confirmation of application for investment institution
6Give feedback
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Operational Information
This content is operated for the purpose of providing opportunities to attract investment between startups and investment companies.
Therefore, we inform you that immediate investment attraction differs depending on the individual circumstances of startups and investment companies.
Depending on the investment company, other matters such as additional data requests, business direction consulting, and office visits may occur.
General investment review process
Prior review → meeting with judges → feedback from judges (repeatedly) → IR → consultation on investment conditions/decision on whether to proceed with the review → investment review → due diligence → consultation → payment of investment → follow-up management
Avoid simple investment consultation, if you want to receive investment attraction (linkage) from the investment institution you applied for, please apply.
It can be difficult to connect with the desired investment company because each investment company has different preferred fields and business models.
Franchise business model, prospective entrepreneurs (if they have a business operator but no product/service has been released) may be denied approval.
If you are interested, please check the sites such as the Small Business Market Promotion Foundation(소상공인시장진흥공단) and the Korea Startup Promotion Agency(창업진흥원).
We inform you that all corporate information provided is to help investors judge, and that all responsibility for the judgment and investment decision-making of the provided data lies with the applied startup and investor. Startup Plus reveals that it has no legal responsibility for the investment process and results.
Startups can apply five times a month, and the same investment institution cannot be re-selected, so please choose carefully.
If the composition of the basic IR data is omitted, approval is not possible.
Team introduction, corporate history, business model introduction, competitor comparison, investment plan, future business schedule, business goal, financial status, etc.
eligibility for application
The qualification to apply for the service must be only the executives and staff members of the startup.
(Consulting companies, etc. proxy application is absolutely not allowed)
When a startup detects a proxy application from a third party that is not affiliated with it, it is regarded as an illegal broker, and all investment institutions and start-up support institutions participating in Startup Plus will be disclosed with the company name, Startup Plus subscription ID, and permanent expulsion (withdrawal processing). (Permanent expulsion immediately without prior notice)
If necessary, the Startup Plus operator can request a list of four major social insurance businesses from the startup to all investor-hunting service applicants.
Meeting requests that do not match Startup Plus, such as harmful information and hopes to attract multi-level investment, cannot be approved.
Types of business that cannot be supported under Article 4 of the Small and Medium Business Startup Support Act (businesses excluded from start-up): general entertainment bar business (classification code: 56211), martial arts entertainment bar business (classification code: 56212),
Other entertainment facility management and operation (Classification code: 91249), other types of business that comply with the provisions of subparagraphs 1 through 3 and are determined by the Ordinance of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, etc.
Approval is not possible if it is confirmed that a person under regulation by a financial institution for default or a person (representative) in arrears in paying national or local taxes, or a company.
Other Matters
Applications may be rejected at the request of the investor other than disclosed information.
If there is no reply from the investment company within 10 days from the date of approval, it may be automatically "rejected".
If you want to register as an investment institution, please click Register as an investment institution below (available after logging in).

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